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Minimum Deposit 1 2
Minimum Trade Size 3 4
Potential Profit 5 6
Support Reaction 7 8
Regulators Count 9 10
Languages Count 11 12
Expiration limit 13 14
15 16
Broker #1
Best broker for start trading career. Minimal investing
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Broker #2
Best broker for start trading career. Minimal investing
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According to the results of comparative analysis, broker is the winner, beating in the total number of points.

The criteria used for comparisons are listed above. The winner outperformed its rival in the main areas. We hope we have helped you make the right choice. Happy trading!

Top Rated Brokers of Month

IQ Option
IQ Option’s state-of-the-art trading platform provides traders with the fastest trading conditions for making the most out of their binary options trading experience.
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24 Option
24Option boasts of an efficient, effective, and intuitive web-based trading platform. The platform has an extensive collection of tools and resources to assist traders make sound and profitable decisions
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Binary.com offers a robust and innovative web-based platform for binary options trading. The platform is user-friendly and allows for 24/7 trading, even during weekends. You can also download the mobile trading platform for iOS and Android devices and enjoy limitless trading, wherever you are.
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Any Option
AnyOption has a user-friendly platform that is full of features to help traders enhance their binary options trading experience. You can use the web-based platform, or download the mobile trading platform to allow limitless trading, from any mobile device, anywhere in the world.
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Opteck has an innovative trading platform that has been built to cater for the needs of both beginner and advanced traders. The platform has more than 70 financial assists for trading, which consists of stocks, currencies, indices, and commodities
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Stockpair has a robust trading platform that is built using the latest advanced technology to guarantee reliability of trades, accuracy of data, and unmatched trading conditions.
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Broker Regulators

Italy Flag
National commission on corporations and stock exchanges (Italy): a government agency that regulates trading in securities and stocks (established in 1974). Italy's main financial regulator.
Spanish Flag
The National Securities Market Commission of the Madrid stock market. It is responsible for regulating the Spanish securities markets and ensuring market transparency.
Russia Flag
National Association of Forex Dealers. It develops and implements standards, and also monitors and analyzes the activities of its members. Its purpose is to raise the Forex market in Russia to a new level.
Cyprus Flag
Cyprus Security and Exchange Comission. A European regulator that oversees binary options brokers. It can impose fines and sanctions on brokers or revoke their license for recurring violations. Without a CySEC license, brokers aren't allowed to offer their services to citizens of this region.
United Kingdom Flag
Financial Conduct Authority. A non-governmental financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom. It regulates the activity of companies that offer services in the country.
German Flag
BAFIN is German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, operates in public interest. BAFIN supervises banks, financial and insurance companies, brokers and pension funds. It’s main goals is to ensure the proper integrity and stability in German financial market.
France Flag
Registry of financial firms by the French regulator AMF. Companies registered in the Regafi database are authorized to carry out financial activities in France. The registry is updated on a regular basis.